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I started my career in London-based design agencies working within multidisciplinary teams on large retail brand projects. Working alongside architects, interior designers and other graphic designers we created or refreshed brands and applied them to a variety of outputs; from large format signage to shelf edge ticketing and everything in between. I loved the diversity and energy of working within those teams and the broad range of experience it gave me.

Whilst working for one agency I was assigned to the head office of one client where I worked directly in their design implementation team to assist them in applying their design standards to non-standard or new build stores, ensuring brand documentation was provided to communicate effectively how the brand should be used and applied.

Later I decided to take an opportunity to expand my experience and moved into print design, working within a print company to provide design services to their print customers. Here I worked with a range of clients and provided anything from simple amendments to business stationery to new year promotional material and the branding of a hotel spa.

Since 2006 I have worked as a freelance designer for a variety of clients and have enjoyed the range of projects I’ve been approached to help individuals and businesses with. One of my favourite parts of the job is meeting my clients and really getting a sense of who they are and to feel the passion they have for their business and what they do. I am passionate about brands and seeing how they can be applied to create a visual language across many mediums. I love seeing a project through from conception to completion; making sure all the details are considered and delighting my clients with the end result. Although I design for some digital output I specialise in print design and still get excited when I get to hold the final printed project!


Outside of the studio…

– I am a wife and mum of four
– I spend a lot of time doing laundry!
– I have flown a plane
– I am a real homebody
– I like to run
– I love DIY (painting, using power tools & building flat pack furniture can be very therapeutic!)

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